R/L/J Statement on the Proposed Bill of Rights Act

The government has published its proposed Bill of Rights Act, which is supposed to repeal and replace the existing human rights act, in response to several successful legal challenges to government policies (Most recently their plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda) under the existing framework. The proposed new bill severely curtails the ability of (more…)

‘Policing and Civil Liberties – Keeping Women Safe’ – LDLA/R-L-J Emergency Motion to LibDem Spring Conference

Policing and civil liberties – keeping women safe Conference has grave concerns about the unacceptable and heavy-handed policing of the Sarah Everard vigil held on Clapham Common on 13th March, its impact on confidence in the police given underlying concerns about institutional sexism, and message this conveyed about society’s response issues of gender violence, women’s (more…)

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F17: The EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Future of the UK–EU Relationship

Saturday  20th March 2021 18:45 – 20:00 F17: The EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Future of the UK–EU Relationship 37 members Mover: Layla Moran MP (Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs). Summation: Duncan Brack. Conference believes that the Conservative government’s EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: Is a threadbare deal, bad for jobs, business, security, and (more…)

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Inequality and the law – James Sandbach

R-L-J/LDLA Co-Chair wrote a Chapter for Our Joint-Chair, James Sandbach, contributed a Chapter to a Social Liberal Forum book, “Wolves in The Forest – Tackling Inequality in 21st Century. The Chapter proposed that “Liberal Democrats should make more use the human rights frameworks in developing the Party’s policies on tackling inequality and poverty”. You can (more…)

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The adjourned AGM will now take place at 6.30pm Tuesday 17th November 2020 Whilst the formal agenda is below, most importantly we will be discussing our campaigning goals. We want R-L-J/LDLA to take a lead in the party and beyond in protecting the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Reform. We believe all of (more…)

From Lockdown to Liberty (James Sandbach – June 2020)

From Lockdown to Liberty This has been a difficult period for the Party, whilst the last few months might have given us a strong platform to be the premier civil liberties voice playing to our USP, as political liberals many of us have resisted the temptation for opportunistic campaigning against the Coronavirus public health measures (more…)

“Populism despises Liberalism. So how can we make Liberalism (electorally) popular and win”?

When : Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 12 Midday (at Horseshoe Inn SE1 3QP & 1pm Bermodsey Village Hall) to 4:30 PM GMT The successes of the local elections in the Spring of 2019 and the election of a new young leader, led to great hopes that a General Election would Stop Brexit by bringing (more…)