Date: 13-15 March 2020

Location: York

  • Information regarding the conference will appear hear shortly with dates and times of any fringe meetings.
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Fringe Meetings

The United Kingdom – Can it Survive? Saturday 14th March 1300-1400 Minster Suite Hilton Hotel

Has Brexit been achieved at the cost of the Union? What if the constituent countries would prefer to be part of the EU than the UK?  Our panel will consider whether U.K.’s nations should become federal,  independent or be part of a loose Council/Commonwealth of the Isles    

Speakers: Sir Simon Hughes, (former Party President and former MP for Southwark and Bermondsey, Jane Dodds (Chair of Welsh Liberal Democrats and former MP for Brecon and Radnor), James Sandbach (Chair of LibDemLawyers/R-L-J)

Chair: Graham Colley

” Europe is the Future”. But, what is our future? Saturday 14th March 1815-1915 Minster Suite
Hilton Hotel

“We’re out” were David Dimbleby’s words on 24/ 06/ 2016. Most Liberal Democrats do not accept this to be our country’s fate. We are internationalist and Europe is our future. But how do we get there?

Speakers: Irina von Wiese (former MEP and candidate for London Assembly, Antony Hook (former MEP and Kent County Councillor),
Ruvi Ziegler (Associate Professor In International Refugee Law, University of Reading)

Chair: James Sandbach

Planning for the future-forthcoming constitutional commission (R-L-J’s AGM) Saturday 14th March 1945-2100 Minster Suite
Hilton Hotel

The Conservatives’ Constitutional Commission will review the ‘power balance’. However, where the Executive exerts ITS will through Parliament, what happens to democracy, if we are deprived of independent judfdat review? we discuss, a constitutional convention/ ‘counter-commission’ and campaign plans Daisy Cooper MP Callum Robertson will lead the discussion on behalf of R-L-J

Daisy Cooper MP Callum Robertson will lead the discussion on behalf of R-L-J

Chair: James Sandbach

The second part of the meeting will be the AGM of Rights Liberties Justice/Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association (Agenda/Accounts/minutes available to members on R-L-J website)