The Bermondsey Declaration

Bermondsey Declaration

This declaration commits to a vision of a Europe of peoples, of democratic values, of free trade and shared prosperity, of co-operation, open societies and understanding between the peoples and Governments of Europe, tackling the problems that extend beyond national borders, and strengthening the peace in Europe which has been so hard fought for by previous generations.

As liberals who support the rule of law (within and between states) and internationalism we strongly believe that Britain's place is at the heart of Europe and its institutions, founded on treaties and mediated through democratic bodies of the European Union in which there is an equality between member states.

We note the result of the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, which has revealed widespread discontent with current structures and policies in the European Union as well as disenchantment with politics. We now seek a process whereby Britain can maintain a role in Europe's economic, legal and political institutions. Any outcome resulting in Britain wholesale exclusion from Europe's institutions will have been secured through wilful misrepresentation of the facts during the referendum campaign and would manifestly hurt our citizens' national and economic interests and the UK's constitutional integrity. A further democratic mandate is now required, whether through Parliament, elections or referenda to agree the final form of our new relationship with Europe.

We support our leader Tim Farron's commitment to campaign in future democratic contests on a platform of restoring Britain to the heart of Europe.